Click the submenu headings to find more about what I create visually.

Got a suggestion for a Sarcastination subheading? Drop me a comment with your username and original quote, and I’ll include your saying as one of the randomized blog headings!

The Magazine Analysis is a project I did for my academic Media education. It’s a review and analysis of what I created.

Meanwhile, on this page, you’ll find a gallery featuring all of the masthead banners you’ll see at the top of the page. They change randomly, but now you get to see them all here for yourself. Nice!

The odd layout of these mastheads was due to the way my old blog theme interpreted the picture file. This new theme is much better at showing the masthead, but I’ve used all of my old ones for the mastheads you see now, explaining why some of them are a little bit bigger and smaller than the rest. I’ll get around to fixing that. Maybe. Probably.

Bonus! For finding this page, there are some mastheads that I don’t use, but have included here. Oooo!


Got a quote that you love saying? Leave your username and quote in the comments, and I might even add it to the collection!


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