The Finest Hours

The Finest Hours is not a film about fine hours. Oh no, quite the opposite, as a matter of fact; The Finest Hours lack very few. Pack the towels and grab your floaties, kids – here comes this year’s obligatory ship-disaster movie.

Okay, sure, so the film might not be full of fine hours. But in case you wanted some, I’m willing to predict that the movie’s final hour will inevitably end finely, because that’s how all of Disney’s films seem to end nowadays.

You read that right – Disney. As in: Disney, the company behind fine and happy hits such as Into The Woods or the upcoming Zootopia. Seems they’ve decided to drop the singing and dancing for a more grittier approach to movie-making,  thus presenting – almost by surprise – the turbulent seas of 1952 with their sea-faring film, The Finest Hours, to be released in the UK on October 16th (and the 29th January for all of you US land-lubbers).


Screenshot courtesy of The Finest Hours trailer. Click here to go to Youtube and see yourself!

Chris Pine of the newest Star Trek film (2013) and Rise of the Guardian hero, Jack Frost (2012), stars as our main man Bernie, insisting that there’s nothing under the water except “just more water” before being rudely cut off by Disney’s transitional card. You know what else is under the water, Bernie? Sharks! Coldness! Hypothermia! Something tells me you’ll live to regret that smart-man comment, Bernie.

Meanwhile, Holliday Grainger stars as Bea, the woman you see worrying about water within the first ten seconds. Perhaps not by happenstance, she’s starred in the 2015 release of Cinderella, which you’d know was also made by Disney – I mean,  if you didn’t know that, you’ve been living under a rock. It gets me wondering if her antics within the studio managed to net her an appearance in this film, too. Who knows?

The film itself is based on the real life scenario in which a storm hit the coast of New England – a region of six US states the north-east corner of the US map – the part that sticks out like a thumb. Unfortunately for a passing oil tanker, the storm rips it in half like buttered bread on a Friday morning, forcing the crew-members fates into the hands Bernie and his small coast-guard boat. It’s up to him and his companion to save them from finding out what really lies beneath the water.

The kicker here is that Bernie’s boat only has room for 12 people… but there’s 32 crew-members on the tanker. Oh dear.

So, being based on a true story involving “the greatest small boat rescue in Coast Guard history”, I’ll leave you to decide how you think the film will end – positively or negatively. Personally, I’m going for the former.

For this reason, I consider this trailer to be way too “by-the-book”; it typically seems to rely on basic, done-to-death plot-points (such as obligatory inter-twining romance problem) and reveals too much than I reckon is necessary.

For example, about 1:25 seconds in, we find out that Bea will probably go out to sea in search of Bernie. Great, so now we can assume that Bea will probably end up being caught in the bleddy storm, too. Dammit, Bea, now that’s more people to save – how can Bernie possibly fit all those people on board his small ship? Nee-nor! Major plot point possibly revealed!

I reckon the trailer – and the movie thereof – would’ve been more interesting if they had kept that whole dilemma a secret. Not only would the audience never see it coming, but it could’ve served as a major plot twist. Now that we know about it, we can assume so much about the film that it becomes predictable. Even more so, as it’s based on the true story of the “greatest” rescue in history, then it must’ve ended well, right?

Unless the film has another plot-twist hidden up it’s sleeve, you’d only have to type a few well-worded Google-searches to gather enough evidence to create a reasonable assumption as to the conclusion of The Finest Hour.Which is a bit of a shame, really, as the film’s duration may leave some viewers feeling anything but fine for more than just an hour.

Next time, Disney, you might not want to mention the success of the real-life rescue in the description box of the trailer clip. Kinda gives the whole tenseness away, don’t you think?

Perhaps I’m being too picky, so let me know what you reckon. Meanwhile, watch the trailer below and check it out for yourself. The Finest Hours hopes to whip up a storm as early as October 16th in the UK.

Click here for The Finest Hour‘s IMDb page.


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