The Secret Life of Pets

You might’ve not heard about Illumination, but they’re the new kids on the CGI block. I won’t blame you if you can’t put their name to any other films; I found out only recently that they made Despicable Me, the upcoming Minions, and a bunch of other films that might’ve fallen behind your head (Hop, starring Russell Brand, being one of them – but some people might like to believe that that film never really happened).

secret life of pets 1

All pictures within this post are screenshots from Secret Life of Pets trailer. Click to watch the trailer!

The Secret Life of Pets takes an insider look into what your fuzzy family does behind your closed doors. It’s a bit like Toy Story in the sense that the pets live a completely differently life once you’ve left the room – and the trailer definitely seems to explore most avenues. It’ll hit the cinemas in the Summer of 2016.

Right from the get go, you might recognize the terrier’s voice – it’s Louis CK, who takes the role of Max (the dog sitting in front of the door), and also one of my favourite comedians. Meanwhile, Jenny Slate – actress, author, and also a comedian – voices Gidget, the dog you’ll see at the start of the trailer. Looks as if she’s got some sort of romantic interest with Max, so we can hover our pens over the tick-box for “romantic plot device” on our tropes list and wait in baited anticipation.

I laughed watching Chloe’s antics within the fridge, whilst I found the idea behind using the automatic whisk as a back massager pretty inventive. But I can’t help but feel like these are all sequences that have been done in films before, and while I can only imagine how difficult it is to come up with new ideas, it has the underlying feeling that it might not bring anything particularly special to the table.

It’s a long stretch, but the bird-flying-in-a-fan sequence reminds me of 2005’s Valiant, where the pigeons do a similar thing. Mind you, that was 10 years ago, so… yeah, definitely me being picky.

But I reckon that I am being out-of-order by being so critical. These are traits that we all recognize in our own pets, and the film uses them knowingly to create humor and familiarity. It’ll definitely be a lot of fun, and the style looks nice and soft, too.

And perhaps more importantly, 99% of the plot hasn’t been given away! I mean, a summary is out there, but you’d have to do some research to find it. I won’t go into detail about that; I reckon you’d have more fun if you simply watch the trailer and anticipate more.

secret life of pets 2


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