Creating a character in an RPG

Chazsexington hits the nail right on the head when it comes to creating characters. If you’re like me – a numbskull unfamiliar with the ways of tabletop RPGs – this is well worth a read.


To start the off the roleplaying section of my blog, Character Creation seems a good a place to start as I will get! I will use Dungeons and Dragons 3.5rd edition and the Forgotten Realms for this blog, but this can be applied to any RPG system or setting!

So let’s get started!

The last thing Frank the orc ever saw

Character creation is way more than rolling picking a race, choosing a deity, and rolling a few dice to for your starting abilities and gold to buy equipment with! So it is no surprise many DMs want a brief synopsis of your character, but it is not always that easy for players to know where to start.

Players often have an idea of what they want to play, but not much beyond that, e.g. a valiant knight or a pyromaniac wizard. Coming up with a solid backstory takes time…

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