Trailer Talk: Zootopia – Disney goes wild with animalism

A little over four hours ago, Disney Animation Studios – the minds behind post-Christmas hit, Big Hero 6 – revealed a new trailer for their upcoming movie penned for a release date all the way out in 2016. Talk about some major foresight, Disney.

Screenshot courtesy of the Zootopia trailer - all rights to Disney. Click to watch it now!

Screenshot courtesy of the Zootopia trailer – all rights to Disney. Click to watch the trailer now!

The film pairs natures greatest enemies – a fox and a rabbit – together for an adventure that I can’t yet begin to speculate. However, you can bet it will involve the intrinsic instincts of mother nature’s most contrasting creatures, such as foxes hunting rabbits, or rabbits being instinctively scared.

Jason Bateman voices Nick Wilde – the fox – and Ginnifer Goodwin voices Judy Hopps, the rabbit. It might just be me, but I’m impressed with how well they made “Judy Hopp” sound like a stereotypical police-officer name.

The trailer takes it’s time to explain how it involves an array of “anthropomorphic” animals who can all walk, talk, and dress up in clothes. Some audiences wonder if it was necessary to explain what the word meant, but let me toot the “think of the children!” horn and request the consideration of the uninformed small-walkers who might only know the word “anthro” from glancing at Deviantart doodles.

Now, in all honesty, walking animals isn’t exactly new ground for Disney Studios, with many people drawing comparisons to one of Disney’s oldest animated flicks, Robin Hood, of which the lead character was – you guessed it – a walking, talking fox. I’m thinking that the studio has a deep-seated love for a certain night-time scavenger.

So while we’ll have to wait a 2016 release for Zootopia, never fear; if you need an earlier dose of Disney,  let me point you towards the June/July release of Inside Out, or the thanksgiving fanfare saved for The Good Dinosaur towards the end of the year. You can find the Zootopia trailer right here.

If you want more info, check out the IMDb page here. And, of course, feel free to let me know what you think – I’m pretty hooked on the trumpet in the soundtrack.


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