The Secret Life of Pets

You might’ve not heard about Illumination, but they’re the new kids on the CGI block. I won’t blame you if you can’t put their name to any other films; I found out only recently that they made Despicable Me and the upcoming Minions film.

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Incre-mental: the Rise of One-click Gaming – What’s an incremental game, anyway?

There’s a ruckus going round about clicking cookies. Steam is making us click for Summer deals, whilst busy gamers are going mental for incremental gaming. So whats the big deal about it? Surely, I don’t have time to be playing an incremental game… right?

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Habit RPG – One man found the secret to taking out the trash. Adventurers hate him!

Habit RPG ventures into uncharted lands; to go where no shopping list has gone before. Combining two of life’s greatest joys – roleplay gaming and hardcore list-making – it dares you to join it’s one simple quest; to shape you up physically, mentally, and perhaps most importantly: responsibly. Sounds simple, right? In theory, it is. In practice, however? It’s not for the faint of heart…

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